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Gwyliwch yr animeiddiad isod gan ystyried nodweddion da ac unrhyw welliannau. View the animation below and consider the good features and any possible improvements.


Nod a chynulleidfa

Aim and audience

To advertise a new guitar retailer,emphasising and promoting the company's name and the range of products that they sell.

The targeted audience is anyone with an interest in purchasing guitars - roughly from the age of 14 upwards.

Nodweddion da

Good features

Suitable for the audience because it focuses strongly on the products sold, both visually and through sound.

Quality of the graphical images (created by user) are of a high quality.

The timing and pace of frames is successful in keeping the audience interest and attention.

Timing of images and sound are synchronised e.g. guitar playing animation and imported sound are in sync.  

Good use of motion tweening.

Interactive as it allows the viewer to start and repeat animation.

Nodweddion gwan

Not so good features

The frame rate of texts at the beginning (advertising a new guitar) are too slow.

Too many different font styles used and 'hundreds of other designs' text is too small.




Increase frame rate when the 'New' text appears on screen.

Keep font colour and type consistant with the original 'Jones' typeface.

Keep the 'Jones - whats your guitar?' on screen whilst Replay button is displayed. 

Increase font size on 'Hundreds of other designs' text.

Diweddarwyd diwethaf: Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 4:16 PM