What is being tested? Describe how the test will be carried out What is the outcome of carrying out this test? What changes (if any) are needed following the test results?
TEST 1 Is the content of the animation suitable for the target audience? I will ask members of the public who are within the age range of the target audience, and have interest in music industry. 

Feedback was positive and stated that the animation promoted the company effectively.

They felt that the sound used  made the animation dynamic, engaging and fit for purpose.

Due to positive feedback, no changes required.
TEST 2 Is the correct message conveyed by the animation? Does the animation meet its aim Ask for feedback from my teacher and fellow pupils.

Animation successfully promoted the company and the types of products sold.  But it was noted that contact details should be included.


Include contact details at the end of the animation.

Contact details should be displayed with the replay interactive button.  This should further emphasise the company name and details to the public.

TEST 3 Do all parts of the animation work as intended? Personally review in detail the final animation keeping in mind the original aims. Ask another person to check for obvious errors.

Reviewing the animation shows that sound and graphics have been carefully synchronised.

Interactive buttons work as planned.

Text style is not always consistent.

Standardise font style and colour throughout the  animation.

Enlarge font size on  'Hundreds of other designs'.

 TEST 4 Does the animation run for the correct length of time? and does it loop correctly?

 Time the animation to check that it exceeds 15 seconds (Pass)30 seconds (Merit/Distinction)

The animation runs for 45 seconds.

Pressing the replay button re-starts the animation.

No changes-Works as intended.
TEST 5 Is the frame rate suitable for the animation? The animation runs smoothly

Personally check if the animations runs smoothly and at correct speed.

Ask for opinion feedback from my teacher and fellow pupils.

Apart from the introduction of the 'New' text, frame rate runs smoothly and at the correct speed. Increase frame rate when 'New'  and 'Warcow Series' appears on screen.
TEST 6 Is the file format suitable for use on the web? and Is the animation optimised for use on the web?

Play the animation on Web browser.

Check upload speed.

The animation has been exported as SWF format, therefore runs effectively in the browser.

Loading bar shows loading progress to the user.


Further optimisation can be applied on a web authoring software.
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