Task 3

TASK 3 (AO4): Developing KeyPublications

Workbooks: Task 3 – AO4a (ticket).ppt

Task 3 – AO4b (letter).ppt

Task 3 – AO4c (single pagedocument).ppt

Task 3 – AO4d (multipagedocument).ppt

Student Guidance for Task 3:

In order to promote the festival and communicate withthe traders you will need to design and create 4 different documents, alldesigned for print. These are:

  • The Festival Ticket
  • An Information Letter to the traders. The letter should convey the festival house style and include confirmation of attendance, date and time of arrival, plot location and cost etc (mail merged from ‘Traders’ database)
  • Advertising Poster for young adults (e.g. 13yrs - 21yrs)
  • Festival Programme/Brochure for the general public (Merit - 2 or more pages, Distinction – 3 or more pages)

For each of the above you should consider:

  • the aim and purpose of the document
  • the targeted audience
  • the content / information that you will require for each document
  • for Merit and Distinction the Poster and Brochure must include graphics from a range of different sources and the use of a range of software tools/facilities
  • a consistent House Style (you may decide to design and create a suitable logo for the festival on a graphics package - save in a suitable file format)
  • all documents should be fit for purpose and error-free

It is important that you:

  • screenshot and/or save your work at different stages to show how it has been developed and refined - annotate to highlight and show developments
  • acknowledge the sources that you have used (images, information etc. in the table provided)
  • print your final documents (electronically submitted documents ideally should be saved as .pdf files)
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