Task 3

TASK 3 (AO4): Developing Key Publications

Teacher Guidancefor Task 3:

  • Students will need to design and create a minimum of 3 documents though it is recommended they create the 4 following documents to ensure coverage up to Distinction and give an opportunity for a full range of skills to be demonstrated:
    • Festival Ticket
    • Letter - mail merged from the database for distinction level
    • Poster
    • Festival Programme/Brochure - a multi-paged document of several pages for Distinction level
  • Graphics should be included from a range of sources and be appropriate to the purpose and audience of the publication
  • All documents should be designed for print
  • The use of grammar and spelling checkers must be evidenced
  • An increasing consistency in a ‘house style’ is expected for all documents – a requirement for Merit and Distinction.
  • Pupils may design and create their logo on a graphics package to enhance the ‘house style’.
  • Completed documents will be ideally saved as .pdf files for printing or electronic submission.

OCR EvidenceRequirements

Evidence for Assessment Objective 4 willconsist largely of final versions of the documents produced. Althoughcandidates are expected to design their documents, there is no requirement forthem to produce evidence of their designs. They must work from blank documentsand not make use of templates or wizards provided by software packages.Additional evidence is needed to demonstrate the use of particular featuresthat cannot be clearly seen from the printouts. For example, it is not clearfrom a printout of a document whether items are in a header or merely at thetop of a page. If candidates develop their own templates or master pages, theseshould be clearly evidenced. Additional evidence might be provided by theelectronic files, screenshots and/or individual, detailed witness statements,signed and dated by the assessor.

Where elements have been obtained fromexternal sources such as digital cameras, scanners, the WWW etc there should beevidence to show this. It is not necessary to produce a commentary detailingevery step taken in the production of the documents. The minimum number ofdocuments is given in the grading grid but candidates may need to produce morethan the minimum in order to demonstrate a wider range of features.

Documents that are not fit for purposeare not acceptable. There is no benefit to candidates of creating manydocuments repeating the use of the same features. Documents should be createdusing word processing or DTP software only. As a minimum, it is expected thatdocuments are fit for the intended audience and purpose, although some errorscan be present. A screenshot showing the use of spellchecker and grammar checkshould be included. For Distinction it is a requirement that candidates designand create a mail merged letter. This could involve inserting merge fields froma linked database or spreadsheet or merge fields from a data file createdwithin the word processing software. The separate requirement to insert fieldsinto at least one document refers to including document information and a datefield and is not met by inserting the merge fields from the data file.

Essential SkillsWales - Level 2:

AO4 - Evidence from this task must beat Distinction level to meetrequirements of ESW at L2

¬ ForESW youmust not use any pre-prepared document templates and/or wizards where they areavailable within the software e.g. for letters, memos and newsletters.

Materials created for the above task mayalso provide evidence to support:

ICT2.1.1 - Describe how you will approach an activitythat involves the use of ICT (Workbook - Brieflydescribe your task)

ICT2.1.2 - Use ICT independently to carry out the activity effectively (Workbook - annotated screenshots)

ICT2.2.1 - Find, select and use different sourcesof appropriate ICT-based andnon-ICT-based information (Workbook – thecandidate log of found, selected and used sources, together with an explanationof why the sources selected were appropriate to the task)

ICT2.2.2 - Search for, select and get relevantICT-based and non-ICT-based information (Workbook – the candidate log of found, selected and used sources, together with anexplanation of why the sources selected were appropriate to the task)

ICT2.3.1 - Enter, organise, develop, format and combineICT-based and non-ICT-based information to suit content and your purpose, inthe form of: a) text, b) tables, c) images, d) numbers, e) records(Workbook – annotated screenshots of developments and designchoices, 1st and 2nd drafts and final printed versions)

ICT 2.3.2 - Present combined information,using consistent formats and layouts that are appropriate to your purpose and audience,using ICT, and review your work (Workbook – annotatedfinal documents. Additional evidenceof a review of the documents will be required to meet Essential Skills Walescriteria)
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