Task 1

TASK 1 (AO2a): Internet Research andLogo Design

Workbook: Task 1 –AO2a (Internet).ppt

Student Guidance for Task 1:


Your task is to research the internet for relevantinformation that will inform you of how other music festivals are presented,and to search for any information that will help you organise and develop yourfestival (Tasks 3 and 5). Remember that you will need to establish a name forthe festival and where it will be held.

Your research may include the following (which will beused in your promotional publications etc):

  • looking at other festival websites for house style ideas, logos, the information presented to audiences etc.
  • typical costs for festival goers e.g. ticket, car parking, camping, festival memorabilia
  • finding specific information on bands that might be performing
  • finding information about local services and places to stay
  • carry out specific image searches
  • search and modify maps to include in publications

You should think carefully about the search criteriathat you use when searching the internet and also show evidence of how you haveused Advanced Search to find specific information.

  • record all your searches (in the table provided in the workbook)
  • use screenshots to show search criteria and results (provide evidence in workbook)

Whilst searching the internet you should:

  • keep a record of addresses of all suitable websites found/used, recording relevance of information found, URL etc.
  • keep useful links as favourites/bookmarks and organise appropriately in folders
  • explain copyright issues and comment on the validity and trustworthiness of the information used (reliable websites e.g. .gov, BBC; is information up to date, who is the author?)
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