Task 1

TASK 1 (AO2a): Internet Research

Teacher Guidancefor Task 1:

  • Pupils will need to carry out research to gather information for their work so that documents / presentations created in Tasks 3 and 5 will be fit for purpose and suitable to audience
  • They may:
    • research other festival websites for house style ideas, information presented to audiences (tip: Google Image Search for ‘Festival flyer’)
    • research and find specific information on bands that might be performing
    • find information about local services and places to stay
    • carry out specific image searches
    • search and modify maps to include in publications
  • Pupils must use effective search criteria (keywords) to find suitable information
  • Pupils should make effective use of advanced search criteria (advanced search pages for websites and images, logical operators, wildcards) to find specific information
  • When suitable websites have been found pupils must keep a record of addresses, relevance of information found etc. Pupils should record this information in the log
  • Useful links will be kept a favourites/bookmarks and organised appropriately in folders
  • Pupils should explain copyright issues and comment on the validity and trustworthiness of the information used (reliable websites e.g. .gov, BBC; is information up to date, who is the author?) See ‘AO2a_Guidance’ document for more information

OCR EvidenceRequirements

Assessment Objective 2 requires evidence of the use ofthe World Wide Web (WWW) to find specific information. Candidates mustreference the websites they use as sources of information, for higher gradesthey must also consider the validity of the information found. Screenshotsshowing criteria entered into search engines, with evidence of some of thepages found, may provide evidence of searching the WWW. It is anticipated thatevidence of the use of text and graphics from the WWW will be found incandidates’ work for other assessment objectives, such as Assessment Objective3 and Assessment Objective 4. Goodpractice would be for candidates to acknowledge their sources in thedocuments/presentation created for AO4 and/or AO3.

Essential SkillsWales - Level 2:

AO2a - Evidence from this task must beat Distinction level to meetrequirements of ESW at L2

¬ For ESW pupils’ research mustinclude ICT and non-ICT sources e.g.existing posters, tickets, leaflets.

Materials created for the above task mayalso provide evidence to support:

ICT2.1.1 - Describe how you will approach an activitythat involves the use of ICT (Workbook - Brieflydescribe your task)

ICT2.1.2 - Use ICT independently to carry out the activity effectively (Workbook - annotated screenshots)

ICT2.2.1 - Find, select and use different sourcesof appropriate ICT-based and non-ICT-based information (Workbook - how the candidate found, selected and usedsources, together with an explanation of why the sources selected wereappropriate to the task)

ICT2.2.2 - Search for, select and get relevantICT-based and non-ICT-based information (Workbook - internet searches)

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