Task 2

TASK 2 (AO6): Working with the TradersDatabase

Workbook: Task 2 – AO6(Database).ppt

Student Guidance for Task 2:
This task requires you to work on theTraders Database to keep it up to date, and use it to find specific informationthat will need to be presented in a suitable report format.

Keep the Database up to date by a ccuratelyentering, editing and deleting data

  • Add two new traders of your choice to the database
  • Edit one record changing one piece of data – thetrader ‘Allchips’ have changed their trading name, it is now under thename ‘John’s Fish and Chips’. Update the database accordingly
  • Delete a trader from the database - two Burgercompanies have been booked – only ‘Bob’s Burgers’ will be attending.Delete the trader ‘Byrgers Blasus

Searching, sorting andpresenting data – you will need to show evidence of the following:

Query1: Simple Search – The electricianshave requested a list of traders and the plot numbers for all those needingelectricity.

Query2: Search and Sort – The water boardhave requested a list of all traders needing mains water. This needs to besorted by plot number. This is to be presented as address labels for posting tothe water board.

Query3: Complex Search – The gatestewards need a list of all food traders gaining access through gate “A”.Produce a list of all Traders in Zone “A” that will be selling food, sortedalphabetically. This should be presented in table format.

Other possible search criteria

  • Simple search – Themanagement has requested a list of all those traders who will be selling food –a letter needs to be sent to these requesting a copy of their Food Hygienecertificate so the data needs to be presented in a list format.
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