Task 4

TASK 4 (AO5): Modelling Costs

Teacher Guidancefor Task 4:

  • At this stage it would be a good idea to remind students of the structure of a spreadsheet and to ensure they fully understand the following:
    • Creating and editing formula
    • Cell reference - relative and absolute
    • Use of functions
    • Worksheet formatting
    • Charts
    • Page layout e.g. Fit to 1 page, Header & Footers, Row Column Headings, gridlines
    • Modelling
      • Changing Data
      • Changing Variables
      • What if investigations
    • Whilst some scenarios have been given for the students to complete you may wish to undertake a group activity to identify possible scenarios and information that the management team may require from the spreadsheet
    • An example spreadsheet is included in the Teacher’s Files but ideally should not be copied/used directly by pupils. Pupils should be encouraged to plan their own work – a brainstorming session might assist the pupils at this stage.

    OCR EvidenceRequirements

    Assessment Objective 5 requirescandidates to design and create a simple spreadsheet. This might, for example,calculate the profit made dependant on the number of tickets sold. ForDistinction, candidates might add additional income and / or expenditure items.Candidates must design their own sheet to meet identified needs, it is notacceptable for them to be supplied with a design for them to copy, or atemplate in which they merely need to add formulas.

    Although candidates are expected todesign their own spreadsheet, there is no requirement for them to produceevidence of their design. Evidence for this Assessment Objective might includethe electronic file and annotated printouts from the spreadsheet. Changed datamight be most effectively evidenced by successive printouts, annotated by thecandidate.

    Essential SkillsWales - Level 2:

    AO5 - Evidence from this task must be at Merit level to meet requirements ofESW at L2

    Materials created for the above task mayalso provide evidence to support:

    ICT2.1.1 - Describe how you will approach an activitythat involves the use of ICT (Workbook - Brieflydescribe your task)

    ICT2.1.2 - Use ICT independently to carry out the activity effectively (Workbook - annotated screenshots)

    ICT2.3.1 - Enter, organise, develop, format and combineICT-based and non-ICT-based information to suit content and your purpose, inthe form of: a) text, b) tables, c)images, d) numbers, e) records (Workbook – annotated screenshots of thedevelopment of the spreadsheet including explanations of formulas and formats/layouts used - 1st and 2nd drafts and final printedversions)

    ICT 2.3.2 - Present combined information,using consistent formats and layouts that are appropriate to your purpose and audience,using ICT, and review your work (Workbook – annotatedfinal documents. Additional evidenceof a review of the documents will be required to meet Essential Skills Walescriteria)
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