Task 5

TASK 5 (AO3 and AO2b): BusinessPresentation

Workbook: Task 5 – AO3 (Presentation).ppt

Student Guidance for Task 5:

Inthis task you will need to use presentation software to create a presentationto the festival management team.

Yourpresentation needs to focus on putting across the following information:

  • Festival details – dates, location, headlining acts etc.
  • Type of publicity material being developed - show some examples
  • Example of the festival ticket design
  • Projected income and expenditure
    • main income and expenditure presented as tables
    • appropriate data presented in chart format
    • projected ticket sales and modeling of profit / loss / break even
    • outcome of a financial modeling investigation
  • Any other suitable information

Yourpresentation needs to be 5 or more slides long and have the following features:

  • A consistent house style across all slides
  • Use of appropriate text and graphics
  • Slide transitions and animations that are appropriate for the intended purpose and audience
  • Free from errors and near professional quality
  • Speaker notes added where appropriate
  • Presentation printed in Handout form with notes
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