Task 5

TASK 5 (AO3 and AO2b): BusinessPresentation

Task 5 – AO2b (Email).ppt

Student Guidance - Email Task(AO2b )

Your email evidencefor AO2b might follow the procedure below:

Receive email

An email request from the management team for a presentation on this year’s festival plans


Confirm receiving request to management team and state a date


Forward initial email to colleague stating the need to complete the presentation by a certain date

Send (attachment)

Send a draft version of the presentation for a colleague to check

Extended email feature 1 - use of Email signature

Extended email feature 2 - Setting an automatic response (e.g. out of office/vacation response)

Receive (open, save attachment)

Receive modified version from colleague – save attachment

Send (multiple recipients + attachment)

Send final presentation to management team (multiple recipients)

Extended email feature 3 - cc and bcc

Extended email feature 4 - Setting priority (high and low importance)

Extended email feature 5 - Use of an address book to store, retrieve and use email addresses and details of personal contacts

MERIT: TwoExtended email features

DISTINCTION: FourExtended email features

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