Task 6

TASK 6 (AO1): Safe Working Practices BusinessPresentation

Workbook: Task 6 – AO1 (Safe Working Practices).ppt

Student Guidance for Task 6:

It is importantthat you use safe working practices when using ICT in a business environment. You are required to complete the AO1 Workbookidentifying the safe working practices and why they are necessary. Make sure you give detailed explanationswhere asked.

Explanationswill include:

  • measures to protect health,
  • measures to protect physical safety
  • measures to protect files from loss
  • at least one measure to protect files from unauthorised access
  • measures to protect files from modification
  • guidance on choosing a strong password

ForPass Level – you must include explanations,with examples, of at least one measure for each of the bulleted items listed.

ForMerit level – a wider range of safe workingpractices for the measures listed, together with more detailed explanations,should be included. Additionally youshould include measures to protect files from unauthorised modification.

ForDistinction level – suitableguidance on choosing a strong password should also be included.

The clarity of your explanations,the range of measures you include and the appropriateness of the examples yougive will determine the level you are awarded for Assessment Objective 1.

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