Task 6

TASK 6 (AO1): Safe Working Practices

Teacher guidance for Task 6

It is important that you use safe working practiceswhen using ICT in a business environment. You are required to complete the AO1 Workbook identifying the safeworking practices and why they are necessary. Make sure you give detailed explanations where asked.

Explanations will include:

  • measures to protect health,
  • measures to protect physical safety
  • measures to protect files from loss
  • at least one measure to protect files from unauthorised access
  • measures to protect files from modification
  • guidance on choosing a strong password

For Pass Level –you must include explanations, with examples, of at least one measure for eachof the bulleted items listed.

For Merit level – a wider range of safe working practices for the measures listed, togetherwith more detailed explanations, should be included. Additionally you should include measures toprotect files from unauthorised modification.

For distinction level – suitable guidance on choosing a strong password should alsobe included.

The clarity of yourexplanations, the range of measures you include and the appropriateness of theexamples you give will determine the level you are awarded for AssessmentObjective 1.

OCR Evidence Requirements

Evidencefor Assessment Objective 1 could be produced in a variety of forms. Candidatescould give verbal explanations, in response to questions from a tutor, whichcould be evidenced through a detailed witness statement or audio recording.Alternatively, written evidence might be in a word-processed report or found inthe content of the presentation and/or documents produced for AssessmentObjectives 3 and 4.

Theexamples used might be annotated images showing safe or dangerous workingpractices or annotated screenshots of examples of when they have used themeasures in their own work.

Candidatesworking at the higher levels will include more detail in their explanations.For example at pass level a candidate might identify the need for the screen tobe at the right height. At merit level candidates would give more detail e.g.the specific height, whilst at distinction level they should be specific aboutthe height, distance and angle of the screen. Similarly at pass level acandidate might describe the need to back up files but this would be expandedby distinction candidates to cover the frequency of backup, the medium used andwhere it should be stored.

Whilstcandidates at pass are required only to describe one measure in each category,higher levels require a wider range of measures to be described, withdistinction candidates covering most, if not all, of those listed in theKnowledge Understanding and Skills (KUS).

Essential Skills Wales – Level 2:

AO1 – Evidence from this task must be at Pass level to meet the requirements of ESW at L2.

Materialscreated for the above tasks may also provide evidence to support:

ICT2.1.1 - Describe how you will approach an activitythat involves the use of ICT (Workbook - Brieflydescribe your task)

ICT2.1.2 - Use ICT independently to carry out the activity effectively (Workbook - annotated screenshots)

ICT2.1.3 - Follow safe, healthy and secure workingpractices at all times.

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